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Benefit from our local market insights

Our Service:

Go to market - strategy development and execution


Market size and landscape.

Identify client and partner leads - and meet the market!

Document country-specific product requirements.


Establish market footprint through agreements with first clients – and nurse them! Nail pricing, ROMI, sales structure and marketing tactics.


Finalize product adoptions (if any).

Establish best-suited entity and/or partner set-up, sign all contractual framework and craft your market communication tools.

Go & Grow

Become a recognised market player and ensure continuous sales growth!

Evaluate and adopt your product or service - as well as your sales and marketing strategy - as you grow.

We can help you to enter the market faster


YOHA Consult is a market development consultancy with a clear focus: Bringing medical technologies, namely medical devices and health IT solutions, to the specific target markets Germany and Scandinavia. Thanks to a very hands-on, thus powerful approach, we help companies to quickly meet the country specific market needs – and, in doing so, to win their first clients faster.‬

Early market involvement is key


While quantitative market data is one important indicator to be considered before entering into a new market, the main ingredient in YOHA’s market analyses are valuable business insights elaborated in close dialogue with the stakeholders at your future clients; e.g. clinicians and hospital directors. Very early in the process, and preferably together with you, we’ll get our feed on the street and present your solution to representative audiences amongst both potential customers and sales/service partners. In doing so, we’ll usually have uncovered the purchasing drivers and mapped the buying centres most relevant to your specific product/service.


As a very welcome side effect, our pragmatic market mapping often leads to the first client references, establishing the crucial first foothold in the market - a good base to grow from. From here, the main tasks ahead are twofold; sales- and marketing wise, it is now time to determine pricing and sales channel strategies. In parallel, you will want to ensure your product meets all required market needs and hits the ground running at your first customer, who, obviously enough, needs to become one of your main ambassadors in the early growth phase waiting ahead.



The purpose of YOHA Consult is to guide you on this journey. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to learn more about YOHA’s services and for a discussion on how together, we can make your products hit new markets faster.

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